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About Prossential

In short

Prossential, part of Tessenderlo Group, is a dedicated product range of high quality animal protein and fat ingredients for the pet food and aquafeed industry. All our ingredients are produced from carefully selected raw materials that are processed in our own manufacturing plants. From raw material collection to production and product application trails, we control the whole chain.

Ensuring differentiation through Customer Attention

Customer attention lies at the heart of the creation of Prossential. The rapidly evolving markets of pet food and aquafeed have forced the industry to be more agile in order to capture growth opportunities. The mission of Prossential is to enable pet food and aquafeed producers to realize their growth through close relationships, best-in-class service and collaborative product innovation.

Research and Innovation is the Cornerstone of Continued Success

Prossential builds on the years of industry expertise of the animal protein and fat producer Soleval (Akiolis​) and the gelatin and collagen peptides producer PB Gelatins/PB Leiner. Our Development Center in Tessenderlo, Belgium, is the second largest research facility in the country and has a broad competence in animal ingredient processing. This enables Prossential to continuously improve the functional and nutritional properties in response to the needs of the pet food and aquafeed industry.