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Prossential provides a broad range of animal fats and processed or hydrolyzed proteins from various land species. These natural ingredients are derived from by-products that are not used by the human food industry: They are sustainable alternatives to fishmeal and fish oil made from captured fish and they therefore help to protect our planet’s valuable marine resources, while also providing high nutritional quality. Prossential’s ingredients are produced from fresh, carefully selected raw materials and processed in state-of-the-art plants according to the highest quality standards. Thanks to Tessenderlo Group’s considerable expertise and R&D facilities, Prossential is involved in joint development projects with key stakeholders to ensure we meet our customers’ demands with the most appropriate and well-adapted solutions.​

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​Product table Aquafeed


​​​ Animal Orig​in​​ Type​ Processing Pla​nt Protein (%) Fat (%) Ash (%) Pepsic Digestibility (%)
Processed Animal Proteins​ Poultry & Pork​ Blood meal Javené (FR) 91 < 1 2 92
Poultry Poultry meal J​avené (FR) 63 12 16 90
Poultry ​Poultry meal Rion-des-Landes (FR) 60 14 18 90
Poultry Hydrolyzed feather meal Javené (FR) 85 6 3 70
Poultry Hydrolyzed feather meal Viriat (FR) 85 6 3 80


​​ Animal Ori​gin Type Proces​​sing Plant Oleic Acidity (%) Omega 3 (%) Omega 6 (%)
Animal Fat​​​ Poultry Poultry fat 5% Rion-des-Landes (FR) 5 0,5 11
​​ Poultry Poultry fat 5% Javené (FR) 5 2 20